Social media personality Alex Stein is back in front of the Plano, Texas City Council with fresh new beats in a video about Putin.

Prime Time 99 Alex Stein

Maybe you've seen the viral sensation known as Prime Time 99 Alex Stein? Maybe you even follow him on any of his socials like Twitter or Instagram. In any case,  Prime Time Stein is back with a video that has started to make the rounds.

Check it out:

Who is Alex Stein?

Newsweek reports that Alex Stein is from Dallas, Texas and describes himself as a comedian and satirist. He was even a contestant on ABC's The Glass House, a reality competition show in 2012. Since then he has made videos of himself at different meetings and posting those to his social media. He's gained a respectful amount of followers by doing so.

Vladimir Must Die

Stein's latest video has him in front of the Plano City Council rapping about killing Vladimir Putin. He starts up the beat and begins with his rap. Here are some sample lyrics:

"I'm the proof when I'm in the booth spitting on the mic. Anti-vax, Putin hates all of them Blacks. Putin is a bad racist. Put him in the ground, white or brown, and I'm in Plano town, and you know you just got found. I'm a pimp, I own a blimp. Zelensky is a VIP. Ukraine and I go insane. Put a bullet in Putin's brain. You know that is the plan. I'm a Zelinsky stan.... Gas prices way too high. Vladimir Putin needs to die. I love you. Volodymyr Zelensky you're so smart. What that's smell? Did somebody fart? Oh well, what can you say? Doesn't make me straight or gay."

I mean, I've heard worse. In any case, it was good for a laugh and he even got some applause at the end.

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