The steady rains in Bell County have Nolan Creek on the rise and the high water is causing some area road closures.

Water is on the rise over parts of the I-35 access road and over parts of Confederate Park Drive. Both saw a partial shutdown on Wednesday. Belton Fire came to the rescue of a person trapped in the water near the I-35 service road and Nolan Creek around 3 p.m. yesterday.

According to Belton officials, Nolan Creek normals registers at zero on the water meter under the bridge. As of Wednesday afternoon, the water level was at 10 feet.

Terrisha Harris is the manager at the Gin and told KWTX that, "We keep posted by the city but, as you can you see, the meter under the bridge shows that we're already at eight to 10 feet above normal. When it started getting to 12 feet, we start getting scared. It's not flooded over the banks into the restaurant but we know always to take it seriously."

KWTX reports that should the water level reach 14 or 15 feet, evacuations may come into play.

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