In what would seem like a brutal scene from a horror movie, four people are dead after a man armed with a shotgun sets fire to their houses then shoots them as they ran out.

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A Houston police officer shot the suspect, killing him but not before he shot and killed three others.

Houston Police Department

Houston police Chief, Troy Finner said at a press briefing that the Houston Fire Department were called to a report of a fire at 1:07am on Sunday in the 8000 block of Dunlap Street on the southwest side of Houston. Fire crews needed to seek shelter as the shooting began as they showed up.

The Shooter

Yahoo News reports that the shooter, identified as a 40 year old male dressed in black, was in a parking lot across from the burning multi unit building and opened fire on the residents as they were coming out of the buildings killing three men and injuring two more total. A Houston police officer opened fire on the shooter as he arrived on scene, killing him. The officer who shot and killed the suspect is now on administrative leave pending a full investigation.

Police Chief Finner did say he was “very proud” of the 7-year-veteran adding that his actions may have saved more lives.

Fire crews were able to pull two people from the building once the shooter was taken out.

Investigation is Under Way

The investigation is on-going but Police Chief Finner dis say the the shooter was a former resident in the building and had been evicted which may have been the motivation in the attack.

Finner added, "I’ve seen things that I haven’t seen before in 32 years, and it’s happening time and time again.”

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