KCENTV is reporting the story of a shocking return home for a soldier who left  Afghanistan a few moths ago only to find a $27,000 bill waiting at home from the Texas Toll Authority!

Thomas Peterson open a bill from Texas Toll Authority that showed his family had racked up about $1400 in tolls while he was away. What was unbelievable was the extra $26,225 dollars in "admin fees" charged to his account.

Peterson was away for about 15 months according to KCENTV. When he attempted to contact Texas Toll Authority to work out the outrageous charges, they told him he'd been turned over to collections and would have to work out the details with the collection agency. It would be upsetting for anyone to get such an outrageous bill, let alone one of our soldiers who has sacrificed so much to serve our country only to return home to this kind of nonsense.

Peterson says he is willing to pay late fees if they are reasonable. He told KCENTV, "I'll pay $1000. I'll pay $2000. I'm not paying $26,000."

TxDot told KCENTV that they are looking into the matter.

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