Ashley Monroe released the deeply personal title track from her new album 'Like a Rose' several months ago. After a long wait, the much-anticipated video for Monroe's popular single is finally ready for fans -- and it includes plenty of rose petals.

Just like you would expect, the music video opens up with several shots of gorgeous pink, purple and white roses. Keeping with the theme of the tune, the camera work is simple, and it conveys Monroe's sense of contentment and nostalgia with hints of underlying pain. Although the clip doesn't carry a strong plot or tell a significant story, Monroe's lyrics and crystal-clear voice will keep viewers tuned in.

Soft lighting, rose petals, blooming flowers and just a touch of glitter lend an aesthetic quality to 'Like a Rose' that keeps thorns and thistles out of the mix. Monroe looks comfortable and confident in every shot, alternating between playing her guitar, singing and enjoying the kind of rest that can only be experienced when you've gone through a hard period of life and ended up a better person for it.

The Vince Gill-produced 'Like a Rose' is Monroe's second solo album, and so far, it has received plenty of nods from music critics. The single's music video will no doubt win over more fans by adding another dimension to this hard-hitting song.