I know, I know. I keep talking about Pokemon. I'm sorry! I guess I have the Pokebug.

But I wanted to let y'all know about a little adventure I went on in Austin, Friday night. It was the city's first official Pokecrawl ATX 2016 and in case you're worried about being one of the only nerds out there, worry no more - there were over 2,400 Pokemon trainers in attendance.

The Austin PokeCrawl had over 2,000 Pokemon trainers in attendance on Friday night. Jason Eisenberg | TSM

It literally felt like SXSW on 6th St. near downtown Austin as police blocked off the street to keep it safe for all of the people walking and staring at their phones.

What I loved about the event was that you could find people from all walks of life - all enjoying the same thing. Families, high school teenagers, college students, young professionals and even the older crowd were moving from business to business, catching digital creatures and meeting people you may never have run into without this phenomenon.

Our ATX Pokecrawl route. Jason Eisenberg | TSM

The next step is to have someone arrange a Pokecrawl out in Temple, Belton or Killeen. I know there are plenty of us Central Texans always on the prowl for a chance to catch the legendary Dragonite!

You can follow the ATX Pokecrawl based on the lures that are dropped at each bar! Jason Eisenberg | TSM