Some people are finding more dead bodies than live Pokemon.

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This past Thursday a man and a woman were in a cemetery. No, nothing sinister. They were playing Pokemon. So, more sad than anything, really. But it became even more sad when they happened upon a dead body.

I know what your're thinking..."Dead body in a cemetery? What are the odds?"

This one was above ground, with no coffin.

According to KSAT, the Pokemon players found the dead man's body in the Saint Joseph Cemetery on FM 482 near Schwab Road of I-35.

And, according to the Comal County Sheriff's Office, the victim was identified as 34 year-old Robert Lowe. It seemed he was killed recently and this case is being treated as a homicide. They said the Pokemon couple had nothing to do with the death, and that an autopsy was ordered.

Now this is far from the first time that players of Pokemon have found dead bodies, in fact, since people are getting out more, they're also getting hurt more. Players have been robbed and stabbed, some have walked off cliffs, and one brainiac drove into a police car while playing the game.

The game itself seems to bring out the worst in people, as one couple abandoned their toddler in the 96 degree heat to play Pokemon. So, for your safety, and that of your kids. Stop playing the game. You're hurting yourselves, your children, and you're making it impossible to dispose of dead bodies.