How to tell when the job was done too well: when the cake made to scare people creeps out the baker!

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That is exactly what happened with this cake that chef Natalie Sideserf from Austin, Texas made recently for Halloween.

Sideserf Cake Studio

Sideserf and her husband Dave own a bakery in Austin called Sideserf Cake Studio.

Sideserf also starred on the Food Network show 'Texas Cake House' and has made guest appearances on several other baking shows. She specializes in hyperealistic cakes - creations so detailed that it's hard to tell the difference between what's real and what's cake when you place the two side by side.

Hercules Beetle Cake

Sideserf picked a good insect to create in cake form, as the Hercules beetle is one of the world’s largest insects, according to AZ Animals. The males have huge horns growing from their heads and the middle of their bodies that come together like a claw. The Hercules beetle is also recognized as one of the world's biggest flying insects, however it's a little clumsy when it becomes airborne.

I love how she also lists her favorite scary creations from the past in this video. The 'Freddy' cake was very freaky!

I also was a huge fan of her pumpkin, and I was able to guess which one was the actual pumpkin and which one was cake. (I don't care if it was a lucky guess, I'm taking the win!)

Were you able to tell the difference?

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