Austin, Texas was quite the lively time on Friday night as Blake Shelton was in concert with Dustin Lynch and Emily Ann Roberts at the Moody Center on the Campus of the University of Texas. During the performance were several memorable performances, and a few backstage hijinks went down throughout the night as well.

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Any given day or night in Austin can end up with some pretty wild behavior and stories.

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If you didn't know, Blake Shelton's very first number one song was called: Austin.

My favorite part of the video is actually when he gives the crowd instructions on how to YouTube what he is doing. BS really does put on a show at one of his concerts, and I later said to my wife Lindsay that an audience would gladly give up an extra handful of songs just to listen to Blake entertain them with his endless stories.

Dustin Lynch provides an intoxicating performance opening for Blake Shelton

Needless to say, if you get a chance to watch Blake Shelton or Dustin Lynch in concert, it is definitely a must see experience. They both have a mountain of hits, and you know my number one rule of going to a concert is get there early to see the opening act.

Emily Ann Roberts gives you serious Dolly Parton vibes with her vocals and roots

The only caution I would give Blake is thinking he can put his arm around any blond just because he's married to Gwen Stefani. Check out this picture with BS and my wife Lindsay.

Mark Niederhauser/Canva
Mark Niederhauser/Canva

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