The heat just continues to make us who live in Texas simply redder and redder from the sun bearing down upon us. So we try to avoid just standing in the sunlight for more than time we can handle.

But to alleviate some of those heat-related issues, we go places to keep cool. Whether that be under a shady tree, going into a building with air conditioning, or one of our personal favorites, the pool! Now, while out at the pool, you'll see so many different individuals.

But you'll also see some very entertaining folks as well. Like these Texans were talking about today!

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The Barton Springs Judges Ladies And Gentleman

In a video recently posted to Tik Tok, four unnamed individuals took up position near the diving board, and proceeded to grade swimmers jumping into the pool:

First off, commendations must be given for all of these guys having matching visors. We'll also give props to the gentleman who decided to wear the bright blue trunks while the other went with a darker tone. Now for the main questions.

Who are these magnificent men who honestly were bringing joy to those around the swimming area? Where did they get this idea? Why do I want to join them if they're planning to do this again?

Honestly though, we need more of this silliness in Texas don't we? Of course, we'll need to bring our best diving maneuvers as well!

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