Renting an apartment is something we have to do at one point in our lives. I've recently finally gotten my apartment situation all good and finally moved into my place here in Temple, Texas. It's nice to finally have someplace to stay that isn't a hotel room.

But what about people who have to renew their leases? Sometimes it's easy, and then other times this situation happens:

@webravelygo Lol Austin #renter #realestate #austintexas #austin #costofliving ♬ This is a joke right - Jackary

Yes, you're seeing that right. An $855 rent increase.

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First off, MY GOODNESS WHAT? And second off, hopefully this doesn't happen to anybody in the near future.

My question is, how did rent jump so high? I honestly don't understand how it got that much of a raise to be completely honest.

According to, Kara Perez noticed her rent increase and immediately made the TikTok which is posted above. And as it turns out, this could happen to anyone, and not just her.

Kara made another video saying that because Texas doesn't have a rent control or stabilization law, anybody's rent could be raised without a heads up. That includes anybody renting an apartment who's currently reading this.

So, what did Kara suggest as an alternative to having to pay the amount? Her suggestion was simple - try and negotiate with the landlord about the pricing.

Which, if you're like me, would be hard personally because I don't like having to face potential conflicts.

So long story short, hopefully none of us end up in this situation. I have to afford food somehow!

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