Thanks to the millions of people who tuned into, tweeted, and confused their moms on Facebook about 'Sharknado,' SyFy is continuing to ride the shark schlock horror wave with 'Avalanche Sharks,' which is exactly what it sounds like. But in case you need more of an explanation, you can watch this trailer for the upcoming "film," which continues SyFy's tradition of featuring purposely bad movies for those who find actual movies to be just a bit too demanding of their intellectual faculties.

Fangoria debuted the exclusive premiere of the trailer for 'Avalanche Sharks,' which -- stick with us here -- is about sharks who can swim through snow as if it's water. Defying logic and anything resembling taste, the movie is about these snow sharks who surface after an avalanche near a ski resort, and the staff who scramble to stop the madness and cover up the attacks before these damn snow sharks ruin their upcoming Bikini Snow Day event.

The official synopsis, which is somehow necessary:

Spring break in the mountains: snowboarding, beer, drunken co-eds in bikinis. As the yearly Bikini Ski Day party descends on a small mountain town, something lurks beneath the snow. When an unwitting rider causes an avalanche, it awakens a huge, menacing, prehistoric Snow Shark! With a newfound taste for human flesh, the Snow Shark picks off the snow bunnies mercilessly. Cut off from help by mountainous terrain and blinding snow, the local sheriff must make an unlikely alliance with a motley crew of snowboarders to take down the Snow Shark before the white hills run red with blood!

The 'Avalanche Sharks' IMDB page lists the release date as July 1, 2013, so maybe we can still go back in time to stop it?

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