A live Christmas Tree can be the perfect touch for a fun Christmas, but if you don't take a few simple steps you may end up with unwanted guests in your home for the holidays!

KTRK posted the video above that walks ya through checking out your live tree at the Christmas tree farm to avoid bringin home mites, ticks, and spiders to mingle with your relatives.

The best thing you can to do aviod bringing in thousands of tiny bugs into your home is to ask the folks at the Christmas tree farm if they have a mechanical tree shaker. If they do not you will want to ask if they can shake it on site, or you will want to so this to the tree when you get home before you bring it inside.

Remove any birds nests you see, and remember to avoid using any aerosol bug sprays on the tree itself because those are flamable.

Check out the original story here for more debugging tips for your tree.

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