This is the day we've been waiting for since November 22, 1989. Doc and Marty should

Where's my ****ing Hover Board!

have just arrived from the past.

The movie was "Back to the Future II". Doc takes Marty and his girlfriend, who looked different from the first movie, (she was recast), to the future to stop Marty's kid from going to jail. The date they plugged in to the machine was Oct 21 2015.

Some of have been waiting for this day for a long time. Some of us don't care. While some others are thinking...

"Where's my ****ing Hover Board!"

What's real? Did the movie get anything right? Don't look too good for the Cubs.

They were on the money with wireless game controllers. They guessed right on the Tablets. A baseball team in Florida was spot on.

They missed the boat on the Laser Disc's though. Sadly Queen Diana didn't come about. Then they thought that the FAX machine was going to be best way to communicate. Swing and a big miss.

I'm still holding out hope that the double tie look will be a trend.

To celebrate this day you could watch all the movies...again. Or just listen to this every hour on the hour.

Have a great day as we put the future into the past.