To give us a break from the high bun and low ponytail, we may be seeing more banana hair clips soon on Zoom and at the grocery store.  The double combs that were big in the 80s are making a comeback.

Banana clips can turn a bad hair day into a decent one in a hurry.  They scoop up hair from the base of your neck to the top of your head, and you're out the door.

Web searches for banana clips are way up right now, according to the NY Post, and sales of banana clips are climbing.  Amazon has a bunch of the hair accessories listed, and a pack of four usually costs around ten bucks.  It's a cheap fix for bed-head before you hop on Zoom for the first call of the day, and banana clips can be dressed up before you head out on a hot date too.  It will only be slightly awkward if he decides to run his fingers through your hair.

Southern Living points out that banana clips get the credit for giving birth to claw clips, became popular later, and butterfly clips too.  "The most popular way to use a banana clip is to pull hair into a ponytail, which makes hair appear to cascade down like a waterfall. Not only is it wildly flattering, but it only takes seconds to put together," according to Southern Living.

The key is making the clip itself invisible.  If it's hidden by beautiful, cascading hair, you're golden, and if the ponytail falls the wrong way and the clips are exposed, well, it can look a little weird, like you have a plastic comb stuck to your skull.

The moral of the story is, never give up on the 80s. Shoulder pads and Hammer pants are slower to make a comeback, so while we wait on those, we'll enjoy the resurgence of the plastic, double-toothed banana clip.  Totally!

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