There's so many items in the state of Texas that many prefer isn't there? Some of us prefer the BBQ that is in the state. Others may prefer Whataburger over any other food establishment.

Heck, some of us may even prefer the Texas heat, which some of us may look at us and wonder "Why?" But it's safe to say all of us in the Lone Star State have a preference for a certain item. But instead of Texas men preference, it's time for the ladies in the state to take center stage.

But what are we talking about today that involves the women of Texas? Well a recent study came out that showed something that actually might shock some men in the state.

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Women Prefer This Nude In Texas? No Way!

No, you're not reading that incorrectly, Women do prefer something in the nude right here in the Lone Star State. But, now everyone's mind begins to wander doesn't it?

What could it be? Could be a favorite celebrity that Texas women prefer? That seems like the most likely item right? it isn't that. Sorry to those who guessed Matthew McConaughey. So let's reveal what it actually is.

It's None Other Than...Nail Color!

Yes, if you had nail color on your bingo card of answers, well you win! According to Shane Company, different seasons in the state of Texas bring different nail color favorites.

According the jewelry store, nude nail coloring was preferred in two of the four seasons during the year. So color us surprised, as well, we thought it be blue for the Dallas Cowboys!

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