When Baylor Alum Terrance Ganaway isn't earning his $390,000 playing for the St. Louis Rams in the NFL, he is earning $7.50 an hour at Jimmy John's in Waco.This might sound a little worse than it seems, as he is working there almost as a joke after tweeting that he was very bored in the off-season and was looking for something to do to 'stay fit, stay out of trouble and save money'.

Not above doing that type of work, he does everything that a normal employee does.  He sweets floors, wipes tables and fills subs.  Most commonly on the line that makes the sandwiches, he bakes the bread and works as a cashier.  If anyone else, like myself, is a Baylor Bears fan this almost makes you want to cruise by and enjoy a sub made by a Heisman worthy college athlete that has all the skills to make it big in the NFL.

Personally, I think that this is a great message sent to all the aspiring athletes out there. Don't ever feel like you are too good or too big to take a step back and just work a job.  Good lesson from a great guy.