Baylor's associate football head coach Joey McGuire took off his coaching hat for a minute and became the play caller for a former player's wedding.

Sam Tecklenburg, a former player for Baylor and currently an undrafted free agent with the Carolina Panthers, married his fiance Kelsey this past Sunday, and coach McGuire was there calling the plays and ask his former player the big question: "Do you take Kelsey to be your wife".

According to our Partners at News 10, coach McGuire said:

"I mean think about it. You just had two people ask you to marry them. It's one of the biggest days of their entire lives so I was really humbled at the time and really nervous and just kept reading through everything to make sure it went smoothly."

Coach had to go online to get ordained to officiate the wedding.  He also came up with a script with some football references and said he felt like he was headed into a game.

After the wedding, other former players are now saying they want their former coach to officiate their weddings.  He must have done a pretty good job.  Congrats to the newlyweds.

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