It was a great summer for the Garrett family.  We got our beach vacation, most of the family got a cross country trip to visit family in West Virginia and we spent many a Sunday afternoon cruising the lake with Old School Boat Rentals.

The Redneck Titanic has seen its better days. On a positive note, if you've been looking for a few matching pieces to that circa late 70s dishware you're in luck. Photo by Jamie Garrett

Old School Boat Rentals provided the pontoon, and we provided the party.  We even got to explore the Redneck Titanic Sunday afternoon.  As you can see, it's exactly like the Titanic, just less expensive dishes and one fewer iceberg.

We spent Sunday afternoons tubing, playing in the waterfall and bringing the Party Pontoon from swimming area to swimming area to drop off prizes, including enough koozies from Keg One to ensure there will never again be a warm beer on Belton Lake.

Through all the fun from Memorial Day to Labor Day my two boys, Tyler and Logan, played hard.  They went full speed until their little bodies had had enough.  I'll never understand why kids can't admit when they're tired.  As adults it seems sometimes that's the only thing we complain about, but getting a kid to admit to being tired is like trying to get Johnny Autograph to admit he sold his signature.

Much like video showing Manziel actually receiving cash for the signings, there needs to be a smoking gun to prove it.  I've finally got the video.  Sure, I endangered a few lives by filming while driving, but it was a 30 MPH zone.  The music in the background just goes to show you there was no keeping this boy awake.  When I showed him the video later in the day the look of shame on his face said it all.  He'd been caught napping.