Two 17-year-old men were indicted on robbery charges Wednesday by a Bell County grand jury.

Marion Cortez Robinson Jr. and Xavier Jevon Reese face charges of aggravated robbery following an August 15 incident in Killeen. A third juvenile suspect is also in custody. The three allegedly robbed and shot a man near the intersection of 38th Street and Turner Avenue.

The victim of the robbery was reportedly approached by Reese after pulling his car up to his home in the 3400 block of Turner Avenue. Reese asked the man for a cigarette, then displayed a pistol and demanded the man hand over his possessions and get out of the car. The three suspects then drove away in the vehicle.

The victim entered another car and chases the suspects while calling the police. He says the suspects fired four shots at his vehicle before stopping at an apartment complex in the 300 block of Liberty Street. Reese called 911 and told officers he’d been robbed, but police saw inconsistencies in his story and the actual victim was able to identify the suspects.