How healthy is Bell County compared to the rest of the Lone Star State?

According to, Bell County is ranked #89 out of 241 Texas counties - so basically a little ahead of the pack.

What really set Bell County apart from the rest of the state is the clinical care offered as it is ranked #5 out of all of Texas. Texas' state average of uninsured adults (25%) is considerably higher than Bell County (19%). We also have much better ratios for physicians, mental health providers and dentists - all of which are close to the top-ranked U.S. counties.

Less air pollution is also a factor that put Bell County in the "more healthy" spectrum of Texas, but that's where it ends.

18% of Bell County adults are smokers and adult obesity rate is at 30%, even though Bell County offers more access to exercise opportunities than most.

At least we're on par with excessive drinking with the rest of Texas (18%), though top-ranked counties across the country are at about 12%. Bell County has more alcohol-related driving deaths than Texas - and more than double than the national average.

To check out all all the factors that put Bell County in the top 100 healthy counties of Texas, you can visit the site that published the study at