UPDATE: Belton ISD has officially rescheduled their graduation ceremonies following Wednesday's devastating and destructive storm. The new date is Wednesday, May 29th at the Cadence Bank Center. Here's the new times:

  • Belton New Tech @ Waskow - 9 am
  • Belton High School - 1 pm
  • Lake Belton High School - 6 pm

Devastating storms and tornados swept through Temple, Texas and the surrounding areas. These storms have caused massive damage and loss of power for thousands of residents in the area.

That has caused many plans to change, including the postponement of the Belton ISD Class of 2024 Graduation ceremonies. According to a statement issued by school Superintendent Malinda Golden, the ceremony will be held off until a later date.

The Cadence Bank Center is without power and there's no current ETA on when power will be restored.

"We know how important graduation dates are for our seniors and their families. We are working hard to determine the extent of the damage in our community", Golden said in her statement. "Our priority is to ensure our graduates have a memorable and meaningful celebration of their accomplishments."

An announcement on the new graduation date is expected to come sometime later today. You can look for updates on the Belton ISD website.

Golden also issued a statement of hope. Saying "we are a united community that bands together in times of need. This is one of those times to care for those who are hurting across our community."

If you or someone you was impacted by the devastating storms, you can find more details on relief efforts here.

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