There is nothing better than sitting down to a big ol’ juicy burger with some french fries. There is something so comforting about wrapping your hands around a burger and taking that first bite. But recently there was quite the debate going on regarding where to find the best burger around Mineola, Texas 

The debate went wild as soon as one Mineola local went on social media and said that the best burger in town was actually made at a Mexican restaurant. Evidentially, the person who made the post (Rodney) is not alone in thinking this as many people have said that the best burger near Mineola is actually made by The Jalapeno Tree.  

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Have You Ever Ordered American Food at a Mexican Restaurant? 

We all have seen the burger on the menu at Mexican restaurants but I have never been brave enough to order it. Probably because I am always craving enchiladas, tacos, or nachos. But I also remember when I was a kid that one Mexican restaurant used to have servers let the whole dining room know when a customer ordered American food, it was a way to poke fun at the customer, it was all is good fun. 

Lots of other Places for a Great Burger Near Mineola 

If you don’t want to order a burger at Jalapeno Tree there are other options for a fantastic burger. Other options that were mentions online include: Seth’s Burgers, East Texas Burger, Peredes, Logan’s, or Uncle Bubba’s Grill. 

Now all this talking about a burger is making me hungry! 

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