It's Throwback Thursday, and boy oh boy did Big D and Bubba had a great throwback on tap today.

Back in 2008, the 'Real Men of Genius' guys from those now classic Bud Light commercials joined Big D and Bubba in the studio to voice a custom ad for the show, complete with a clever fat joke at the guys' expense. Big D and Bubba got absolutely roasted, but they probably got some free Bud Light out of the deal so it all worked out.

Before we get to the clip, let's talk about the somewhat embarrassing fact that I never realized the guy who chimes in to elaborate on what's being said in those ads is Dave Bickler, the singer from Survivor. You know, the guys responsible for 'Eye of the Tiger'. That one just went right over my head! The shame is real.

Prolific voice actor Pete Stacker provides the main narration, and his voice I recognized instantly. Not only has he voiced countless commercials and appeared in several Halo games, but he's also done tons of great voice work for Comedy Central. Everyone who works in radio or any other voice-centered medium knows Stacker. The man's a living legend. Pairing him with Bickler was just a stroke of genius, which just ties in with the parody theme, right?

Let's travel back to 2008 when two very special guests absolutely annihilated Big D and Bubba in a hilarious parody ad live on the air. It's a good thing they've got such a great sense of humor, and really, it's an honor to be roasted by legends.

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