Hey Der Gang,

Well, just the other day there was a party.  I won't say where, because I might get somebody in trouble if I do, and that is not the object of today's tip.  Anyway, at this party, the food was catered, (thanks Ronnie), and when the person brought the food in, can you guess where they put the container wrapped in plastic down at? It wasn't the counter.  It wasn't the floor.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?They put it on the stove.  No really, look.

Images by Michael Behan

I mean come on people.  I know it's a flat area, but do you know what heat and plastic create?  And what's with the cups?  Kindling?  The Big Q Tip for today...A Stove top is for cooking.  WOW!  Never saw that coming did you?  I guess next week we need to talk about Babies and Blenders.