2013 was a huge year for movies! Check out the top 10 biggest hits of  the year!

Apparently American spent alot of time at the movies this year. 2013 is shaping up to be a record breaking year for the box office, with sales expected to reach at least $10.9 billion domestically by the end of the year. ( If sales reach $11 billion, it would be an all time record!) Sequels and franchises dominated this year, with only 2 completely original flicks cracking the top 10. Check out where your favorite movie ranked below!


10) STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS- $228,778,6621

This is one of the few films on the list I haven't seen personally, but apparently I was the minority. Almost 50 after the characters came alive on the small screen, they can still draw a crowd!

via Star Trek: Into Darkness



9) OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL- $234,911,825

Almost 75 years after the original Wizard of Oz graced the silver screen, we finally get the back story on all our favorite inhabitants of that magical land over the rainbow.

via Oz the Great and Powerful



8) FAST AND FURIOUS 6 - $238,679,850

Spoiler alert, it's a movie about fast cars. And I'm pretty sure the characters are all furious. RIP, Paul Walker.

via Fast and Furious 6



7) FROZEN- $248,366,000

This movie was MAGICAL! And I'm not the only one who thinks so! Becoming Walt Disney Animation Studios 2nd highest grossing film behind the Lion King, Frozen has been acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. GO SEE IT!

via Disney's Frozen



6) GRAVITY - $254,592,000

If you have to be lost in space with someone, George Clooney and Sandra Bullock both sound like good choices. This was one of the most original movies of the year, and it paid off big at the box office.

via Gravity




5) MONSTERS UNIVERSITY - $268,492,764

Pixar does it again, when they revisit monsters Mike and Sully in this Monster's Inc prequel, showing us the college duo get into shenanigans and become BFFs.

via Monster's University



4) MAN OF STEEL - $291,045,518

I guess the new rule of thumb is if you want a movie in the top 10, make it about a super hero. Warner Bros. met huge success with the first installment of the newest Superman reboot. Also, Henry Cavill >>>>>>>.

via Man of Steel



3) DESPICABLE ME 2 - $367,741,000

Looks like Universal is giving Disney a run for their money in the animation department. Not only was Despicable Me 2 a huge box office success, but the minions might also be the most iconic characters of the year.

via Despicable Me 2




Looks like the odds were in Lionsgate's favor. This sequel to the Hunger Games was amazeballs, AND I'm liking the budding relationship between Peeta and Katniss. (Sorry Liam Hemsworth fans, I'm team Peeta. Sorry, not sorry.)

via The Hunger Games: Catching Fire



1) IRON MAN 3 - $409,013,994

I mean, is this really a surprise. Marvel + RDJ = $$$$.

via Iron Man 3


In case you're interested, Thor 2: The Dark World, just missed the top 10, coming in at #11. (I personally liked it better than Iron Man, but what do I know?)

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