When you ring in the new year in Texas, you have to go big or go home right?

The Lone Star State has to live up to that previously mentioned shining item in the sky right? With a new year coming, it's certainly a time to start off on an exciting first step. But, how does one do that you ask?

There's a lot that someone could do to ring the new year in Texas. You could simply toast to a year full of new experiences and joy. You could always celebrate with family as well. Or you could go out for the night!

If you went out for the New Year, especially in San Antonio, you were in for a 2024 treat looking at the skies.

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Texas Lights Up 2024 In Style

While some of us normally associate fireworks with Independence Day in July, they still are used for other occasions as well. Sometimes, at unexpected times during the night as well. But when they are a planned event, they never fail to deliver ooo's and ahh's.

Many of these fireworks displays take place all across Texas, but seeing them from below is a normal occurrence. Seeing them from above however, there's just something so...different and interesting isn't it?

One video posted to Facebook shows just how many fireworks celebrations occurred on when the clock struck midnight:

Just look at them all go off! It's magical isn't it? Though to be honest, we imagine it'd be pretty loud in the area...

Happy New Year Texas! We also can't wait for July 4th to see those fireworks too!

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