So many of us claim to be The Office fans here in the building. We are all pretty sure that there is a famous person who could put us all to shame with our The Office knowledge. Billie Eilish claims that she has seen The Office series 12 different times. She wakes up and watches the show, she has it one when she jumps in the shower and while she is brushing her teeth. Are you that dedicated to a show? Billie Eilish freaked out when she met Dwight in person. Rainn Wilson who plays Dwight Schrute in The Office showed up to Billie's house to give her the ultimate The Office Trivia questions. We are pretty sure this made for the best day ever for Billie! Check out the video below.

Do you think that you could beat out Billie Eilish when it comes to The Office trivia? If you're as big of a fan of The Office as Billie is don't miss Geek' Con, August 16th through the 18th. You can meet Meredith and Oscar from The Office. Get your Geek'd Con info by clicking here.

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