On May 25, hosted by the Bell County Expo Center, Belton Independent School District celebrated their teachers with a catered lunch and the presentation of each campus' Teacher of the Year awards. A nomination and interview process must be endured to be selected to receive this honor.

According to tasanet.org, since 1969 the Texas State Teacher of the Year Program has honored excellence in classroom education and provided a forum to showcase many outstanding educators whose effects and examples have inspired their students, their colleagues, and the communities they serve. Each year two teachers are honored at the State level and 40 teachers are honored at the Regional level.

Quest speaker 2015 National Teacher of the Year, Shanna Peeples spoke to the attendees on the importance of being chosen for this award.

"You are the person who stood out to be the one with passion for what you do. You know it is a deep responsibility to be chosen," said Peeples of Amarillo, Texas.

"I know it is hard for all of you to be honored this way because I interviewed each and every one of you and I know you are very humble and kind people; and you are not used to this kind of recognition.So thank you for allowing us to shower some love on you today and thank you for everything you do for our children," said BISD Superintendent Dr. Susan Kincannon.

BHS' Barbara Epperson and Lakewood Elementary's LaGay Pittenger were chosen to represent BISD Teachers of the Year at the State level.

"It has been an honor and a privilege to get to teach in Belton and this is family and I look forward to a few more years of teaching and loving the children of this community," said Pittenger.


Belton High School - Barbara Epperson, BNTHS @ Waskow - Tiffany Roussel, Lake Belton MS - Eric Thornal, North Belton MS - Erica Kinsey, South Belton MS - Nicky Daniell, High Point Elementary - Nicole Sterk, Chisholm Trail Elementary - Sylvia Morales, Leon Heights Elementary - Debra Johnson, Lakewood Elementary - LaGay Pittenger, Miller Heights Elementary - Jennifer Gildon, Pirtle Elementary - Amber Johanson, Southwest Elementary - Daryl Stapper, Sparta Elementary - Susie Lunceford, Tarver Elementary - Laura Lovett, and Belton Early Childhood School - Kimberly Beshansky