Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are closing in on two-and-a-half years of marriage, and as they've learned already, along with the territory comes lots of questions about kids.

There are always a plethora of rumors, but one thing is for sure: The country couple will make great parents someday.

"Blake would be a great dad," Cassadee Pope tells Life & Style. "I think he'd make sure his priorities were in line as far as being a dad, his career and having fun."

Pope would know after working closely with Shelton on Season 3 of 'The Voice.' She's seen his loving side andhis tough side, and she thinks those qualities would attribute to fantastic parenting skills.

"That little guy or girl would be very tough -- especially with Blake and Miranda as parents," Pope adds. "They'd be self-sufficient. I’d be excited if that ever happened. The kid would turn out to be awesome."

How can Shelton and Lambert's future children not be awesome, with two extremely talented, funny and loving parents? Shelton admits the couple has a pretty laid-back approach to kids, revealing that sooner or later, they'll "run into each other in the hallway and something's going to be created."

With the 'Boys 'Round Here' singer back on the fifth season of 'The Voice' and Lambert opening another Pink Pistol store, they have more than enough on their combined plates, but the superstar couple should feel encouraged that Pope (and plenty of fans) think so highly of their parenting abilities.