Season 4 of 'The Voice' kicks off on March 25, and to ramp up excitement, a new promo for the show has been released. Will Blake Shelton notch his third win in a row? Will his track record help him to beat other coaches when vying for contestants for his team? Is he "drunk" on the euphoria of his back-to-back wins? Is he helping the new coaches? We find out semi-answers to all of those questions in the new spot.

Shelton points out that the coaches aren't what's important on 'The Voice,' but does he believe that? We can't tell. Shelton and Levine are now flanked by fill-in coaches Shakira and Usher, so the game has changed a bit since Season 3.

"Maybe it doesn't really matter who's in those chairs, it's still a game that anyone wants to win," Shelton points out. He says he is feeling confident with the infusion of new blood on the panel, but perhaps what he is really confident about is the fact that he's the reigning champing for two seasons!

Shelton and his bromantic partner Adam Levine are the vets, and they already diss the new coaches in this five-minute look at the new season. They resort to calling the neophytes "rookies" and asking the contestants how they can trust the newbies with no experience when battling for belters. Shelton flat out says that he won't hand the new coaches bullets for the gun. That is, he won't give them the ammo they need to take him out.

This is reality singing show war, isn't it?

There's a lot of physicality happening during Season 4 of 'The Voice.' Shakira says the country superstar flexes his muscles a lot -- literally. That's his signature move, holding up his arm and flexing.

Then, around the 2:50 mark, Shelton does an Usher-like dance move, demonstrating that he has other skills we didn't know about.

Levine just wants to beat Shelton so he can stop boasting about his wins. The singer jokes that he is sick of hearing his bro brag, "I won twice," and he delivers that line in an authentic, Sheltonian drawl.

Needless to say, it's going to be a good season.