We now know the name of a former University of Central Florida student who planned a campus massacre.

The university has identified the student as James Oliver Seevakumaran, a 30-year-old business major. Seevakumaran was found dead of an apparent suicide early Monday morning after police responded first to a fire alarm in his dorm, then to a 911 call reporting a man with a gun.

Two guns - one a semi-automatic tactical rifle –several rounds of ammunition, four bombs and writings and a timeline detailing his planned attack were found near the potential shooter’s body.

Officials now say that Seevakumaran pulled the fire alarm of UCF Tower 1 Residency Hall at 12:20 Monday morning. He then entered his apartment and pointed a gun at his roommate. The roommate fled and locked himself in a restroom, then called 911.

Campus Police Chief Richard Beary said the fire alarm was an attempt by Seevakumaran to draw out potential victims according to the timeline he left behind. When police arrived minutes after receiving the 911 call, they found Seevakumaran dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his bedroom.

Classes were cancelled while the explosives left by Seevakumaran were removed, but resumed later in the day. Tower 1 and a few nearby buildings had been evacuated as well.
Seevakumaran had not paid his tuition or housing bills for the Spring semester, but he had not yet been evicted by the university. He was described by his roommate and other students as “anti-social”, but was not perceived as a particularly violent person. His only run-ins with police prior to this incident were a traffic violation and an accusation of selling alcohol to a minor.