Uh oh!

Did I stir up the Blake Shelton "Honey Bee" nest with his fans or what? Looks like I did. Just my luck.

I am a fan of Blake's as well as the TV show "The Voice". It is on my DVR and while I haven't been as dedicated to it this season as I was to "American Idol"...I do enjoy it when I catch it.

Team Shelton has been very successful so far during this season, but the beautiful and talented Texan Holly Tucker got the boot last night. I wasn't that emotionally attached to her as a contestant even though she is from Waco, not because of her talent or lack of talent, but...again because I just haven't really been sucked into this season for whatever reason.

Well, last night after one of my favorite music columnists Joey Guerra from the Houston Chronicle posted his standard mini-blog review of the episode, Blake Shelton took to his Twitter account and his die hard followers to rip into him for...doing his job.

Click HERE to read Taste of Country.com's version of the story.

Well, y'all know me...a lot like BS, I have never really been one to keep my mouth closed. Mr. Guerra sure doesn't need a mid day radio chick/gossip blogger to defend his life's work, but for some reason I couldn't NOT comment on the story.

Yeah...that didn't go over so well with all of Blake's fans. I got some responses that made me both giggle and cringe. (You can check those out at the link above too.)

This isn't really something I feel passionate enough to argue about because at the end of the day it IS a television show and let's be honest here..."The Voice" has yet to create a star, much less a SUPER star, but I just can't help but gigglesnort at the irony of Blake "trash talking" a writer for "trash talking"...which he NEVER REALLY DID! He gave his opinion that another contestant should have gone home AFTER Holly Tucker did.

I for one am happy that Blake used his own platform of Twitter to "trash talk" a "trash talker" because I'd now be willing to bet that Joey's exceptional writing and passionate column will be read by more people THANKS all in part to Blake's little Twitter temper tantrum.

Out of all the hateful and even insensitive hack critics out there...trust me I AM ONE OF THEM...Blake went boo-hooing up the wrong tree. Joey Guerra is frank and opinionated, but in my opinion has ALWAYS been respectful. Every single one of these contestants knew EXACTLY what it was they were getting into when they signed up for this show as well as deciding to "follow their dreams" in show business. It is a game show and someone has to win and someone has to lose. I respect that Blake wants to mentor these kids about being in show business, but he might need to mentor them about having thicker skin and learning to ignore the "haters" and focus on their supporters. This business is cruel as it is and if even HE can't control his outburst to music bloggers, what is he teaching these kids about working WITH the media?

Sorry BS, I love you man but this time I am not sure where the line between "standing up for your team member" starts and "pitching a fit because not everyone loves everything you do" ends.