We all thought it was dead, but recent video provides incontrovertible proof that a blue-and-yellow monster from the past still haunts over a dozen towns in Texas, and several more across our nation.

Long ago,between the dark years when VHS sank Beta and the miraculous rise of streaming video, there existed a beast called Blockbuster Video. Memberships were overpriced, late fees were draconian, and series binging was a luxury of the chronically unemployed.

Elders still whisper of the place, and some even long for its return, while children hear frightening tales and I-told-you-so's from those wistful wraiths when their home internet goes down and Netflix is unreachable.

YouTube adventurer RubarGar recently claimed to have stumbled upon the mysteriously well-preserved corpse of an Ancient One, but as his video chronicle reveals, the thing is still alive, still employs minions, and it is not alone.

According to Blockbuster's website, the company currently operates 14 rental locations in Texas, including the Edinburg store featured in RubarGar's video. Half of those locations are in El Paso, which can only mean the oilmen dug too deep and released another type of Dark Energy.

Unfortunately, it appears RubarGar remains in the clutches of this foul beast. We can but pray for him.