The Temple Bloomin’ Fest is happening May 10th and 11th in downtown Temple.  There’ll be plenty to do for everyone.  Will this Fest be the Best?  That’s a question only you can answer because these events are all about the people.

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Fest is taken from the word Festival, which is taken from the Latin word Festivus.  This would be the original Festivus, not the Seinfeld one, with all respect to Dan O’Keefe.  It was meant to be a gathering of a group of people to celebrate anything and everything.  A Festivus for the rest of us, as it were.

Growing up, as I mentioned before, I would go to the Norsk Hostfest.  For the past 35 years it has celebrated Scandinavian culture and heritage.  Mainly it was a reason to eat and drink.  Or, for the church folk…have a good time.  I was never a drinker, but I’m a heck of an eater.  Even though Norsk Hostfest is more close to me, culturally, it doesn't smell as well as Bloomin’ Fest.  The smell of Turkey Legs trumps Lutefisk every time.  Although, I’m pretty deadly tossing Lefse back between my legs. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Bloomin’ Fest, is there a Lefse tossing contest?

Like I said at the beginning, it’s about the people.  Bloomin Fest has grown each year, and if you’re new to the area, you really should bring the family and enjoy it.  Make it a tradition, if you haven’t already.