If you're been to the Bloomin' Temple Festival, you probably have very specific memories. You may remember a spring thunderstorm that rolled through, dampening the ground but not the mood.  You may remember a great musical performance.  You may be like me and remember a police lineup.  Let me explain.Before the location of the Bloomin' Temple Festival moved prior to 2012, it had been held at Central Ave & 3rd St., right next to the old police station.  The police department had already moved into their fabulous new building, and the old station was being used as the "backstage" area for bands playing.  As a result, those of us working for the radio stations spent a lot of time inside the police station raiding the food spread and free beer.  Bad decisions can come from drinking beer, and you kids need to stay away from the evils of this fermented beverage.  For those of us old enough to partake in the nectar of the gods, that night of the Bloomin' Temple Festival in 2010 was a night to remember.

Maybe it's because I grew up around police and police stations as many members of my family have traveled down the law enforcement route that's made me comfortable in a police station (even if it was technically closed down).  We had a camera, can(s) of beer and a fuzzy idea.  "Wouldn't it be funny to get some pictures over in the police lineup area?", is I believe how the idea first came up.  Leave it to me to take it one step farther (maybe one step too far).  I threw in the idea of taking the picture doing something you would never see in a police lineup.  My idea?  Chugging a beer in the lineup!  As we were sitting around thinking back to Bloomin' Temple Fests of years gone by, the lineup story came up.  "Surely we don't have a picture still sitting around from that, do we?"  Oh, but we do.  Leave it to Rodney Sharp to save every picture ever taken.

"Yes, officer. It was the thug that's chugging the beer." Photo by Rodney Sharp

Good times were had for all!!!  It was months later that I heard the Temple Police Department would be moving back into its old location because of a mold problem in the new building.  All I could think about was how that police lineup room would probably still reek of booze even months after our "photo shoot".

If you'd like to be part of this year's Bloomin' Temple Festival the weekend of May 11th, there's still time to sign up as a volunteer.  We'll announce the musical headliners April 1st.  Check back here frequently for updates.