You've probably heard the news that the first Bojangles in Texas will be opening this spring. Right now the projects in the works are in North Texas to open the first, and the Houston metro to join quickly.

Did you know that between franchises and corporate owned stores, around 50 are expected to be built in the coming years? So, Killeen-Temple, Texas can most likely expect Bojangles to become a resident in the near future.

The question is, will Texans like it?

Texas, Start Tour Appetite. It's Bo' Time!

As the Bo-fficial number 1 fan in Texas, trust me when I say you will finally have good fried chicken.

The catch is, it won't be at every Bojangles. Sometimes the store has a limited menu, and only carries chicken supremes. Don't worry, the Flavorful Fixins (sides) like mac 'n' cheese will be available, Legendary Iced Tea, and so will the world famous, fan favorite Bo-Berry Biscuit.

What are Chicken Supremes, and Why Avoid Locations That Only Sell Them?

It's Bojangles fancy way of saying chicken strips.

Here's the hill I'm willing to die on every time. If your Bojangles only sells Chicken Supremes, and not the full menu of delicious, unequalled, lust worthy, turn left instead of right at the exit, perfectly seasoned, made from scratch breaded, bone-in chicken, turn around and find another place to get your strips.

Seriously, we have enough of those places already. I prefer Zaxby's as my number 1 for chicken strip-only restaurants, mostly because they have the largest and best sauce choices.

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Why Should I Only Want to Eat at Certain Bojangles?

If you're looking for the best bone-in fried chicken like your ancestors intended and invented, you must get the Bojangles 20-piece. If you have a family, you actually have to get two because you're not going to want to share.

Fun piece of trivia: Bojangles is based in North Carolina, and it looks like they may actually be getting their first Whataburger soon. How nice of Texas to share back.

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