Time to stock up on the hooch! The figures are undeniable: after years of wanting to sell beer and other alcoholic beverages, UT made serious cash during the first year of sanctioned sales  during home football games.

Permission was granted a little over a year ago. The figures rolled in earlier this year. As we all look towards football season, it seems unthinkable, barbarian even, to roll these leniencies back. It would smack of prohibition!

Figures obtained by the Houston Chronicle show Miller Lite as the big winner at Longhorns games: over 62,000 servings of Bob Euchre's favorite beer were sold last year. In general, alcohol sales accounted for more than half of all food and drink dollars spent at Longhorns home games.

Aggies officials have chided the Longhorns powers that be for relying on booze to put butts in the seats - as if - but A&M couldn't sell beer at home games if they wanted to. Being an SEC team, they are subject to more puritanical rules that prohibit the sale of alcohol in the stadiums yet encourage a whole days worth of getting blitzed before ever setting foot in the stadium. That's why SEC stadiums feature long lines into the men's rooms right after fans are admitted inside. It's an antiquated approach that treats fans not like adults but like perennial children and encourages binge drinking and other irresponsible behavior.

What do you drink on game day? Regardless, it should be in moderation and tempered with generous servings of bottled water. Alcohol can be dehydrating in mass quantities.

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