Country superstar Brad Paisley opens up on a whole host of interesting topics in this weekend's issue of Parade. If you want the details on a controversial 'Wheelhouse' song, and his thoughts on 'Nashville,' you're in for a real treat. You may be surprised at what's going on in his cowboy hat-covered head.

Paisley, who's handsome as ever on the cover of Parade, is dressed in his usual attire of country music gear. He readily addresses the controversial song 'Those Crazy Christians,' which appears on his highly anticipated 'Wheelhouse' album, stating, “This is what I would consider a gospel song, the most important one I’ve ever done. … I wrote it shortly after my cousin-in-law passed away in 2011. … To play the part of the skeptic … is a much more powerful argument to me—in favor of [belief] as well as looking at things that are baffling.”

Although his new record may be a bit edgier than his past music, Paisley is confident in the bond he has with his fans, saying, “Maybe I’m naive, but I give them a lot of credit for having been with me a long time and knowing me really well. So it’s not like with one album I’m a whole new guy.”

The singer is also confident on knowing what he can and cannot handle. He is quite sure that although his wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, was recently cast in the hit drama 'Nashville,' he just is not interested in playing a part in the show. Paisley says he knows he wouldn't be able to be in the show when his wife is playing someone else's mistress. “They’ve asked, but it’s a little odd, having Kim on there playing somebody else. … I can’t watch it. It is really good, but it’s disturbing to me, too close to what I do.” Sounds like he's got a good head on his shoulders, and a whole lot of love for his beautiful wife.

The 'Beat This Summer' singer will probably be so busy with his upcoming tour, he won't have time to even think about watching television. His new album, which hits stores April 9, features many surprising artists, and we can't wait to hear these unexpected collaborations!