Brad Paisley loves the troops, and he has no qualms about showing it. In fact, when two women attended one of the singer's recent concerts in Bangor, Maine with cardboard cutouts of their soldier significant others, Paisley went above and beyond to pay his respects.

The women were holding what the military call "flat daddies" of the soldiers in their lives, which caught Paisley's attention during the stop on his Country Nation Tour. According to People, he took the cutouts and signed them, telling the crowd, "This is what it's all about. These guys are heroes." He autographed the photos for the wives and returned them, but found himself still thinking about it after the show. So, Paisley took to his Twitter account to find out more about the soldiers.

"Anybody get a better shot from the front of the signs with the soldiers on em? Mine's blurry and I'd love to know their names," the singer tweeted. It didn't take long for a local paper to help Paisley locate Sgt. Ryan Kelly and Sgt. Dana Gross (with help from social media). The soldiers, who are currently in Afghanistan, frequently 'go' on trips with their women via the cardboard cutouts.

But there is irony in what Paisley discovered next: Sgt. Kelly had recently gotten to see Paisley live for himself -- at a Memorial Day show in Afghanistan!

Since they weren't able to attend the Bangor concert themselves, Paisley went the extra mile and invited the soldiers to a Boston show in August. They will return from deployment in July.

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