Brad Paisley's comedic chops are on fire in his recent spoof song for 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.' No, it's not about Honey Boo Boo this time, it's about 'Tuesday Night Football' -- or, rather, the lack thereof. 

Kimmel introduced the hilarious song, saying, "Carrie Underwood does the theme song for 'Sunday Night Football,' and for 20 years, Hank Williams, Jr. did the theme for 'Monday Night Football.'"

He continued, "Now, country superstar Brad Paisley has made history by recording the first-ever theme song for football on Tuesday."

"Well it’s Tuesday night and I’m ready to go / The wings are hot and the beer’s gonna flow / I’m hanging with my bros, that’s Derek and Wayne / We’re all fired up, sit down and watch the game / But there’s one little thing I didn’t get right / There is no football on Tuesday night," Paisley sings to begin the  'Tuesday Night Football' theme song.

He's shown hanging with his friends, each donning a football jersey and surrounded by chips and salsa, wings and beer. However, when they realize there's no football on Tuesday night, his friends are not amused. They glare at Paisley, who puts his hand over his face, looking embarrassed. "There's a whole world of TV on Tuesday night, boys!" he tells them hilariously.

Well, there is ... if you're into 'Toddlers and Tiaras,' 'Say Yes to the Dress' and 'Fashion Police.'

The 'Tuesday Night Football' spoof is sure to tickle anyone's funny bone. We're pretty sure Underwood, Paisley's co-host for the upcoming 2013 CMAs and the current 'Sunday Night Football' singer, would approve. And if there ever was football on Tuesday nights, we'd watch it just to hear the song.