Brantley Gilbert and Jana Kramer are talented, famous, good-looking and in love. But just like every other young couple with busy lives, the duo struggles to find time for themselves and to organize their wedding day, given their professional commitments.

It just goes to show you that whether you are country superstars or an Average Joe and Jane, there's only 24 hours in a day, no matter your status or stature.

"It's really hard," Kramer confesses. "All of our weekends are gone, so we really only have Monday to Wednesdays. In that time, he's in the studio and I'm writing for my next one. He's working on tracks for his next album. So we really have to work to find time, either Mondays or Tuesdays when we can just be us."

When they do clear the decks and make Brantley-Jana time, they do it right. Kramer reveals that they "put aside the work, watch our shows, chill out and play with the dogs and try to be as normal as possible, because it gets so crazy. He's good with it. We'll go on bike rides, go on the motorcycle and just be able to connect, because then we are off on the road again."

Sounds like these two have their priorities in line and are focusing on what's important.

As for their big day? They've hired help, which is a smart move. "We have a wedding planner who is completely helping us out, which is great," Kramer says. "But, to find the time is very difficult."

We have faith that they will find the time and their nuptials will go off without a hitch.