Hello everyone, Rita here! I am back from my mini-vacation to Oklahoma to visit with one of my besties and see Garth Brooks LIVE in concert at the Toby Keith Oklahoma Twister Relief Concert in Norman, Oklahoma. I also did something I have never done before, I traveled by train!

I will admit, at first I was a little skeptical about taking the Amtrack from Fort Worth to Norman but the thought of sitting in holiday traffic just sounded miserable and for just $36...it just sounded like an adventure. A "Choo Choo Ballou" adventure!

I was pleasantly surprised at how laid back train travel was and I will admit, I would do it again in a heartbeat. The train had plenty of room, the people were very helpful and friendly and I really did enjoy the ride.

(I do suggest NOT sitting near the front of the train because the whistle is LOUD and they blow it VERY often!)

The show was amazing...but it was HOT. It was so hot that we couldn't even handle much of the crowd and the long, SLOW lines so we didn't stay after Garth and Trisha. That was fine by me because honestly we only went to see Garth.

I took a few short videos with my Iphone but this isn't any Academy Award winning cinematography by any means, but this is what I took:

One of my favorite parts of Garth's set was when his wife, Trisha Yearwood joined him on stage for a few songs.

Garth and Trisha

Garth opened up the show with...“Let’s have some fun and raise some hell...today the healing begins.”