Brett Eldredge has been hard at work on his sophomore album, and fans are about to get a taste of the new music.

Taste of Country caught up with Eldredge on Friday (April 17) in Dallas, in advance of the upcoming 2015 ACM Awards. The "Mean to Me" singer revealed that he is about to drop a new single.

"My new single is coming out Tuesday morning," he tells us. "It's a song called "Lose My Mind," off my new album. I've been writing for this album, I guess, since I released the last one, 'cause I knew it would sneak up on me."

Eldredge co-wrote "Lose My Mind" with Ross Copperman and Heather Morgan, who were also his co-writers on "Beat of the Music." That song was one of three from his debut album to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The singer says the new track is "completely different" than anything else that he's released.

The new song sounds like it's perfectly times for a summer release.

"Lose My Mind" is a crazy, really fun song. very up-tempo," Eldredge says. "It's the most up-tempo song I've ever had. It's about a girl who completely consumes your thoughts, and makes you go just absolutely nutso, but you can't escape her."

The song came about after Eldredge couldn't get the idea out of his head.

"I actually had the groove stuck in my mind the night before I wrote the song, and then it just kinda started to be about a girl that just absolutely consumes your thoughts," he says.

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