Then: In 2003's 'Bad Santa,' Brett Kelly played Thurman Merman, aka, "The Kid." The Kid befriends Billy Bob Thornton's title character, first suffering from his misanthropic nature but eventually softening the heart of the cynical St. Nick. It was the biggest role to date for the-then 10-year-old from Canada, who had made his movie debut as another character called "Kid" in the 2001 thriller 'Kill Me Later.'

Now: Kelly has had even more success as a child actor -- from 'The Sandlot 2' to a role in the 2010 comedy 'High School.' Now 19, Kelly attends St. Thomas More Collegiate in Burnaby British Columbia. He has said he plans to keep acting until "no one will hire me anymore." And if that eventually happens,  he'd like to become a lawyer.