On Wednesday, NBC announced that 'Girls' star Allison Williams would portray Peter Pan in a live musical production set to air December 4. Fans of Williams are overjoyed, but none more so than her biggest fan: her father, Brian Williams.

Williams, host of the NBC Nightly News program, reported on the announcement during Wednesday evening's broadcast, and though he didn't mention their relation, he still managed to convey just how proud he is of his daughter's accomplishment.

"Family members confirm that she's been rehearsing for this role since the age of three, and they look forward to seeing her fly," he said as a photo of a young Allison dressed as the character appeared on screen.

It's clear that Williams is proud of his little girl, and judging by that classy and low-key announcement, she should be proud of him, too.

Check out the video, then go hug your kids, your parents, or both.