If there is one consistent issue when it comes to visiting a Buc-ee's like the one in Temple, Texas, it is without a doubt that you will never have enough hands to walk out with everything you purchase anytime you stop at the world's largest and most convenient store.

If you take the time to cruise all the aisles and food counters, you will find way more than two arms can handle, and that is before you even get to the ICEE machines or the beverage coolers. If you have kids, you might as well get ready for another handful of bags that will leaving wishing for a loading zone outside the front door.

What is the Bag a Beverage Trend?

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If you have ever been to Whataburger, you know they will pack the beverage carrier into the take out bag, so you can walk out with a handful of drinks, and still grab onto a couple of those much needed cookies.

If you look closely at the Tik Tok video, you will see that the clerk named Chell is not working at a Buc-ee's. However, I have seen this done first hand when visiting the Temple Buc-ee's and know that others have been shown the trick during a visit to the store.

What other cool convenience store hacks do you know? Did you ever think they could go viral if you shared them online?

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