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10-Year-Old Girl Contracts Brain Eating Amoeba
After swimming in the Brazos River during the labor day weekend, Lily Avant contracted a rare and deadly brain-eating amoeba. If Lily survives she will be the 5th person to make it through this deadly disease. For updates on Lily you can visit the Facebook page, #LilyStrong.
Death Row Takes 15th Life this Year
Mark Anthony Soliz, 37, was put to death by legal injection in Huntsville, Texas. Soliz is the 15th person this year to be put to death, and the 6th in the state of Texas according to reports.
Answers Needed for 29-year-old Cold Case in Texas
September 8, 1990, Jamie Easley, aged 12, saw her mother, Judy Marie Foster for the last time. Today, the case remains unsolved. Police spoke with multiple suspects and even questioned Jamie's step-father, but ultimately no one was ever arrested.

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