If you're a restaurant chef/owner or just think you can grill up some of the best food in Texas, we've got a fun challenge for you...compete in the Burger Battle at the Bloomin' Festival! Sign up. Show up. Cook your buns off. It's that easy!

We will be inviting three highly qualified judges to sample Temple’s top restaurants’ and amateurs burgers.  Restaurants and amateurs will provide three burgers, one for each of our three judges. Judges will then use a point system to judge each burger on recipe/flavor, presentation, and best overall.

In addition, the Temple community will be able to vote online for their “People’s Choice” Restaurant burger. The winner of the “People’s Choice” award will be revealed on the day of the Burger Battle and that winner will receive an extra point towards their best overall score.

One winner will be selected for each category for both the restaurant division and amateur division. The overall winning restaurant will receive an advertising package, a plaque to hang in their business, and title of “Best Bloomin' Burger”! The winning amateur will receive a plaque and bragging rights at your next family barbecue.

Registration costs just $10! More details about rules and regulations can be found on the registration form. Click the link below to open the form.


MAY 10TH 2014  /  9 AM - 12:00 PM