Burger King has finally come out and admit that it had been selling burgers containing horse meat despite the fact that they have been denying it for weeks.  Now granted this happened overseas in the UK, where the chain has around 500 restaurants, but this still freaks me out.  Two places I have always enjoyed eating have now been under fire for the quality of their meat.  Do we really know what it is that we are buying when we run through the quickest drive thru and order food to go?  Do we even know how clean it was made?

I know some people love it, some even enough to have it buried with them, but the more stories that come out like this the more I reconsider what I eat.  My wife and I have been tyring to eat healthier, which means way more cooking at home, and that has made me think even more that I do not know what is happening behind the scenes at places that make food...  How trusting are you of the places that you get food from?